2013 Xiaguan Sheng Pumpkin Tribute Tuocha - 100g

Cakes, bricks and tuocha. You thought you had already owned all the shapes. You don’t. Add this unique tuocha in a lovely pumpkin shape to your tea cabinet.
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  • This pumpkin pu erh is made from high quality leaves including many small buds. The use of tea buds is intentional, as they change in a pumpkin like golden orange colour through aging.
  • The first pumpkin shaped teas in history where offered as a tribute tea, hence the word ‘tribute’ in the name.
  • This product is aged in dry-storage. The compression level is somewhat less tight than other Xiaguan tuocha, resulting in a more uniform and faster aging. 
  • The taste is remarkably fresh with a sweet after taste. There's a more apparant transformation of flavour throughout the steeps, relative to other sheng pu erh. The brewed leaves look tender and bright.
Extra informatie
Extra informatie
Trektijd Gaiwan / yixing theepot: 1 x spoelen; 10s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, etc
Watertemperatuur 95 °C
Thee per 500ml theepot 6 gram
Eetlepels / 500ml n/a
Theejaar 2013
Theeseizoen Lente
Cafeïnegehalte laag
Theeregio Dali
Provincie in China Yunnan
Glutenvrij ja
Thee in Chinees 金瓜贡沱
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