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2020 Phoenix Ripe Pu Erh Tea Collection: Ban Zhang, Yiwu, Bingdao

2020 Phoenix Ripe Pu Erh Tea Collection: Ban Zhang, Yiwu, Bingdao

€ 88,96

A tasty selection of 3 ripe pu erh tea cakes (200g each) from 3 highly reputable tea regions in Yunnan province, China.

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After the highly successfull launch of our raw phoenix tea set, we're now introducing you the related ripe pu erh tea collection. Once again the cakes are processed by the Chazhe tea factory usign maocha from the regions Bingdao, Yiwu and Lao Bao Zhang. Your journey through the wonderful world of ripe pu erh continues here!

Unique Flavors

Each cake has it's unique flavors, which is what makes these three cakes so interesting to buy together.

  • 200g Ya Ming (雅茗) Red Label: sweet and pure aroma with a mellow, refreshing & complex taste.
  • 200g Ya Chun (雅纯) Yellow Label: strong, robust, slightly bitter & long after taste (hui gan).
  • 200g Ya Hou (雅厚) Brown Label: long lasting sweetness and thick texture.

Due to the use of premium tea leaves, all 3 cakes can easily last for over 10 steeps per session. On a per cup basis, the price of these cakes are even lower than basic tea bags from the supermarket.

Why You Should Get This Set of 3 Cakes

  • All three cakes are made from the first flush Spring harvest of leaves of 2020. 
  • The leaves are near gushu (ancient tree) grade, but at an faction of the gushu price.
  • 4th year of production. This is the fourth year of production of this popular tea set. This is relevant, since sets that aren't appreciated are discontinued the following year!
Meer informatie
Trektijd Gaiwan / yixing theepot: 2 x spoelen; 10s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, etc
Watertemperatuur 100 °C
Thee per 500ml theepot 5 gram
Eetlepels / 500ml n/a
Oogst 2020
Theeseizoen Lente
Cafeïnegehalte medium
Theeregio Diverse regio's
Provincie in China Yunnan
Glutenvrij ja
Thee in Chinees 2020年老班章冰岛易武普洱茶熟茶饼

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